Working toward the impossible. To describe its beauty. To Transmit its sensation. To bridge the gap from one spine's shivers to another we collect to share, teach and experience.

No. 12

I'm still vibrating, still peering through the haze of bliss from last night. Just writing this I am creating a low rumble in my chest whose subtle seismic activity resonates in my perineum.  

My partner drifted off to sleep after two orgasms ripped through their body, leaving them peaceful, smiling, and exhausted.

I placed a long kiss between their shutting eyes and went to prepare my treat to myself.

After just an appetizer of cannabis filled lungs, I laid back down next to my sleeping beauty with my new acquired accoutrements. Cans for my ears, and curving silicone for inside.  Getting inserted, listening, and comfortable only took a second.  

I took a deep breath in, held it for one moment, and then let go…

My body came to life. Electricity coursed through through every neuron. Each breath in charged my circuit, with a focus on my chest. Like the overlapping waves a pool with a stone tossed into it. Waves bounced around my body omnidirectionally.  Starting from anywhere I placed my attention and resonating off all surfaces.

My conscious thought disappeared into the symphony that my body was playing.  I relinquished control.  

Each breath in seemed bigger than the last.  As I would fill with air, incredible pleasure would also fill my chest - sparkling electric pleasure. I would fill my lungs past limits that I didn't know I could pass.  I could hold this breath and pleasure indefinitely.  I would finally release suspecting I would have to breathe eventually, this would open the flood gates releasing the boiling pressure in my chest out to the rest of my body.  

I looped. Each time bigger fuller breaths and in turn bigger fuller pleasure.  When my chest could no longer contain this heart pounding, vibrating, ecstatic, titillated energy, it spilled over into my other nerve centers, my chakras if you will. First my throat, and then gradually the others in outward succession.

More parts of my body were now turning on.  The slightest brush against my nipple would cause explosive pleasure. My hands and feet seemed to be transmitters. Possibly even relays; taking in energy from around me and magnifying it into my system.

My conscious mind was gone. Beta had given way to alpha then theta. My curved silicone, once resting passively inside my inner warmth, was now dancing on its own. Each step landing a delicious press on my inner sexual epicenter.  My body was now a symphony with all instruments blasting the most beautiful notes.  It was now time to play them all in harmony,

My sleeping partner, by my side, provided me the safety to now take that dive.  

No one location started it.  It was a sum of all its parts.  My entire body tuned itself to my resonant frequency…

My entire body climaxed.  The feeling we experience in our genitals when we orgasm was erupting across my entire body simultaneously.  Unlike pleasure spreading through one's body during a powerful orgasm, my entire body was literally cumming.

I dropped into my body, but I felt infinite on the inside.  I could see and feel, from my perspective at a deep inner consciousness, the explosion of pleasure - a glittering mycelial net erupting outwards in all directions toward the infinite reaches of my inner universe.

I could feel in the distance my body arch upwards as this explosion blasted outward looking for an exit.  My last shred of consciousness was used to contain my noise to prevent waking my partner still sleeping by my side.  Who knows the what would have happened if I didn't hold onto this final thread and allow myself to release into the unknown shimmering abyss.  From this thread I slowly climbed my way back out of climax, catching my breath, finding my thoughts.

I lay there basking in an afterglow, no idea how long it had been but surely longer than any other orgasm I had ever experienced.  I was not tired nor satiated, just happy, baffled and still aroused wondering if I can climb up from this plateau again.  2 minutes later curiosity got the better of me…

I took some deep breaths and noticed that the sensation in my body took off again right away. This time having a little more of a grip on the reins I was able to control some of the pleasure wave.  I could stimulate my nipples just by imagining to touch them.  My mind turned to the little perked up buds, and I pictured my fingertips rubbing them softly.  Like a water drop on paper, it spread, from chest across my body. Fantom fingers caressed my tingling body, orchestrating me once again to another orgasm.

I lay there in the blissful aftermath of the wave. Washed over by peaceful amazement.

Checking in on my body, I gave a slight squeeze to the silicone still sitting inside me. It mirrored my movement with its own dance.  This triggered a feedback loop (as I write this, I can still hear it echos signing below.)  As it danced, it subtly tickled and tap-danced on my engorged inner nerve bundle, creating pleasure that was so thick and strong it was palpable.  Even when its involuntary movements quieted down, my attention allowed the loop of stimulation to build, and my breath allowed it to spread.  

Pleasure snowballing... contractions happened without consideration, they triggered the silicone to spring back into life, this time with orgasmic results.  From my stomach down everything tensed up with a shock, my hips thrust then froze, the orgasm kept getting stronger and stronger with no hint of subsiding, I could not remain quiet, my flexing body forced out grunts and hisses of air as this tidal wave continued to slam into my pelvis.  Each bob of the silicone intensifying my full body contraction and raising the bar of this climax that had me enraptured.  Thinking about it now is causing micro vibrations on the nerves inside me.  I push through whispers of orgasmic sensation to continue to write.

Unsure of my limits with this new level, tears now forming at the corners of my clenched eyelids. I consciously backed my body down, one part at a time.  When I finally got my core to cool, I lay there breath taken, amazed at this other just as powerful yet different heightened orgasm.

I couldn’t believe all it had taken was a slight squeeze, or a breath, or just my attention… So with full attention I took a breath and squeezed again…

Off I went again, continuing this lap several more times with both types of orgasm until my body was left still buzzing and craving more but mentally exhausted and in need of sleep.  It had been 2 hours.  I removed my silicone friend, rolled on my side to spoon my love, and gave a slight clench to my pelvic floor creating a delightful hum that I rode into sleep.

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