Working toward the impossible. To describe its beauty. To Transmit its sensation. To bridge the gap from one spine's shivers to another we collect to share, teach and experience.

No. 13

I woke to the patter of rain. With the absence of a glow from no morning sun, I could not find the fuel to start my day.  Unable to find spark around me, I turned inward.  I lay in my soft bed to meditate.  

I start a ten minute track with binaural wave audio aimed to open the 4th chakra, the heart.  A place I normally have been able to gather a lot of energy (for better or worse) I feel it quickly begin to open.  The binaural audio plays under an enchanting piano.

I try to not just listen to the oscillations, but allow them past my theoretical outer barrier (where we keep most of reality, at a safe distance), and let them merge with Me.  I am successful, I feel my conscious Beta brainwaves relinquish control to the binaural waves.  In doing so I have also allowed a hitchhiker in... the delicate piano.  I feel these piano keys land sonically beyond my eardrums.  The reverberations of the strings land in an area around my amygdalas.  I can feel each note stimulating this virgin territory inside my skull.  I give this new experience permission and open myself up without expectation.

I'm lost in the sensation of physically feeling each note land on the lower side of my brain.  As if the piano keys were striking a pool of pleasure in my skull, it splashes trickling down my body titillating more systems in dripping succession.  As I become more wet from the splashing I eventually am left without a dry unstimulated section.  Now the next notes build a soft yet electrifying orgasmic wave that washes through me.  As the piano fades, I have not touched myself with my hands or clenched a single muscle, yet I my breathing heavy and my body lays sexually satisfied in recovery.  

More than my day looks bright after this.

No. 14

No. 12