Working toward the impossible. To describe its beauty. To Transmit its sensation. To bridge the gap from one spine's shivers to another we collect to share, teach and experience.

No. 10

The night concluded with graphite breaking off against ivory paper, leaving trails of sensual lines and portraiture. But at 5 in the morning both sets of eyes awoke to an ever apparent energy. I could not deny the overwhelming scent wafting up from below the bed sheets. They could not help but grind against my strong body.  They pulled my receptive nose into their flocculent armpits allowing their pungent pheromones to dance with their already present musk in my nostrils. I inhaled deeply.  I knew he wanted more.  They let me follow my nose, I was caught, my entire body moved in time to the sorcerer's apprentice’s spell. My lips and breath followed my nose, tickling their way down their body, my hands frisked with anticipation ever so gently tracing the trail. They danced their way down, finding the gentle tickle of hair padding Venus. As the tip of my nose came to rest on their excitement, I breathed deep. I drew in a powerful fragrance straight from the source. So mighty it overtook me, I could feel its power travel up my nose and expanding in my head.  But this cavity was not large enough to contain so much, it erupted down my spine finding to his root where it pooled spilling over into every capillary with its current, my body was alive and electric. This orgasmic wave was unlike any I had ever experienced before. I was so grateful and in continued astonishment of what my partner, was capable of.   

No. 11

No. 9