Working toward the impossible. To describe its beauty. To Transmit its sensation. To bridge the gap from one spine's shivers to another we collect to share, teach and experience.

No. 4

Upon waking, eyes still shut, feeling closeness, breath, warmth, kisses. Dryness that I thought could only subside with sweet licks, succumbing instead to the arousal included with body waking up all over. I feel them deeply, on occasion, I would remember that there is a sense of sight as well, and would open eyes to find their sweetly squinting peepers caught in a similar sightless bliss. The slow sexy waking is nice. It is a direct building. When already awake, the mind must be distracted if there is any hope of reaching a meditative bardo. When aroused from from a night of peaceful rest in their arms, I am already much closer to that clear mind. After deep fucking, through oral stimulation, and careful internal caresses, I reach an orgasm that is unprecedented.

No. 5

No. 3