Working toward the impossible. To describe its beauty. To Transmit its sensation. To bridge the gap from one spine's shivers to another we collect to share, teach and experience.

No. 7

After a long, rough, stimlulating day of Bike Kill, after a nap… my partner takes control of me, playing “mad scientist”

I wakeup still holding hands with them through our 2 hour nap. Seeing their smudged warpaint and remembering their powerful body control as they manipulated mutant bikes, I couldn’t ignore the urge to be dominated rising inside.

I drum up the voice to ask nicely for this, like a good willing sub and for clarity of communication. But before the words even pass my lips, they are already obliging, like a mind-reader, straddling me as I am facedown on the bed, pressing my arms above my head. My partner has a way of picking up on my desires and energies without words being exchanged. I am wary of entering into D/S playspace without clear consent, but it seems that time and time again, the words exchanged in bed are not for communication, but for effect.

Hearing them tell me to stretch my arms above my head and over the edge of the bed, sent wet waves of longing and enticement through my already-pulsing loins. Still somewhat relaxed and warm from sleep, I am covered in kisses and licks as my partner works their way down my body. Then I hears rummaging in our toybox, which is itself a titillating collection of clinks followed by the pop of the cap of the lube opening. Still facedown, I cannot see what the mad scientist self is preparing, but obediently and trustingly we waits, trying not to arch my back in anticipation, but to stay relaxed.

The scientist inserts my Peridise's unisex anal toy slowly and carefully while stroking her engorged self. They begins to alternate techniques of fingers stimulating inside and outside of me. This sensation is new and slightly confusing to me.

I cannot tell for certain that it is fingers inside me, as the feeling is so new and different because of the addition of the Peridise. I am worried that I am contracting and pushing the Peridise out of my anus. But as I reach back to check, I am surprised to find that it remains fully inserted and that only the small wings remain outside.

The thumb pulling in and out of me keeps hitting multiple key pleasurable points inside me where the ball of the Peridise toy rubs. My entire inside is experiencing this familiar physical internal stroking in an entirely new way. There is heightened sensation throughout my interior walls, and exterior stimulation becomes a secondary sensation, whereas normally it dominates.

They skillfully alternates fingers and thumb in and out of me, at times also playing with the Peridise wings to stimulated my perineum as well. For me the buildup is new and exciting and I make no attempt at muscular control, but rides the waves of their stimulation. Withdrawing from inside me and only through external and anal stimulus they are able to make me erupt in orgasmic waves.

After playing for some time with this trifecta of pleasure. My scientist tells gasping me to flip over, which I does carefully, as the Peridise is still inserted. They proceed to also insert not one, but a string of two Luna Beads into me, and I can already feel the inner balls of the Beads knocking against their shells as S contracts in response to the Peridise and my throbbing genitals. T masterfully and delicately licks and sucks my engorged self.

I begin to vibrate in rhythm to these licks. Finding myself beginning to rapidly ascended to this plane that they have recently been able to bring me to. I feels as if I am high above, mind attached to body like a balloon string tether. The Luna Beads are happily rocking between Peridise ball and magic internal receptors, stimulating both in unison to their licks.

I feel the stages of her recently rediscovered Big Orgasm begin: my internal walls begin to tremble and quake and a new craving horniness enters somewhere near the epicenter. This feeling swells and rises, like a volcanic eruption rising. It proceeds outerward from the molten inside through the glans, providing a perfected orchestrated rise of orgasm with no stuttersteps. I erupt in a trembling quake roaaring inside me as it reaches its apogee. Then, like a spaceship in sci-fi going through a wormhole or vortex, the orgasm closes behind me with a roars from momementous all consuming to a perfectly circle close.

I is left breathless, slack-jawed, and vibrating at a very high frequency.              

No. 8

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