Working toward the impossible. To describe its beauty. To Transmit its sensation. To bridge the gap from one spine's shivers to another we collect to share, teach and experience.

No. 8

For my birthday, my partner and I hole up in a mood of celebrating one another, with a special occupation in honoring my birth. There is a feeling of great intimacy and we spend some time in kisses, hugs, and near-tears while our legs are wrapped around one another, sitting upright. They lay me down gently and begins to flick and lick my sweet bits, until, like a rising bud, I emerge, swollen. They proceed to whip me into a frenzy, inciting a grand initial wave of eruption from my body. In it’s wake, I have a southern longing for more. As I become more aroused, they slip a finger into my asshole. The cannabis has aided me in reaching a deep blissful state of wound sensitivity, tracing the energies as they cycle through my loins. Their lips caress my most sensitive gently as they slowly circle my engorged self with their tongue. My filled asshole is matched with metronome precision to the motion played out on the instruments laid between legs. As they begins to dance their fingers about me and lick my round, hard self, the pleasure rises in my whole being. It reaches a point of crescendo, but I am so filled by their masterful fingers that I cannot release with the explosion my body desires. The energy waves crest but cannot crash in tumult. Like the ocean waves that don’t break on the beach, the waves’ energy is pulled back into my body’s highly responsive fullness and begins to build pressure to generate an even greater wave. As my energy waves crest, each time bigger and bigger, they time their fingers to be slowly pulling out of me. But just as my waves crest, and I long to ejaculate, they plunges their fingers deep into me again. My conductor drives me through at least five series of these waves, each one causing me to arch my hips higher, to moan louder in longing and to continue my vibrations to escalate to higher frequencies. Finally I whimper “move your fingers back and forth…. please…” They oblige and stroke a sacred internal spot back and forth with their fully submerged two fingers while laying rapid licks across the tip of my glands. The waves crest again deep within my sex. It feels, this time, that the trembling comes from a deeper core than previous waves. My partner feels this too and continues their manipulations. As my wave crests, they are slowly teasing me again by pulling out their fingers, and this time they remove them completely, allowing my entire body to pour forth with a massive fluid ejaculation. My deep internal tremors have crested at such a high peak that I break from this dimension, my energies skyrocketing out of the top of my head and high into some bardo-like bliss. If screams accompany this exodus, I am not aware, for I have too rapidly departed. After several heart beats, I inhale and my energies flow back into my body, scooping me into this present Earth, and returning me to the soaked bed of my lover with the closing of a great gasp. It is the closest thing I have experienced to being born, or reborn. It is a sensation of coming back to a plane of existence and reanimating my body. My heart sings. All I can do is to sprout tears of joy and hug sweet my sweet companion as closely as possible in gratitude and rapture.



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