Working toward the impossible. To describe its beauty. To Transmit its sensation. To bridge the gap from one spine's shivers to another we collect to share, teach and experience.

No. 1

As the smoke from mother natures gift found its way through my capillaries and my teachers hands began their dance upon my back I knew I was in for a journey. The massage on my shoulders and arms quickly opened up the top part of my body. As they worked the lower half of my torso, using what I interpreted to be some reiki techniques I felt them opening my lower chakra one at a time. Eventually each was open... but not only open... connected.

Placing one of their hands on my root and the other on my crown resulted in the a powerful coming into my Being. I felt so connected, parts of my body were talking to each other like never before. I tried stifling it, but I could not help but cry. This energy was so pure and uniting. This was amplified further by my guieds "sounding" placed at specific points along this "new train line" we built. The vibrations from their mouth created eruptions of chi that had to be felt to be believed.

As they opened up parts of my body they would tingle which reminded me of how limbs feel when going numb due to lack of blood circulation... But this was different, there was no loss of feeling at all and it was building. As the energy grew i could feel all my nerves vibrating... at its peak i could feel a glow resonating at least an inch for my body in all directions.

At one point while on my back a jolt of energy shot through all my chackras as a bolt of light, i could identify at least 12 or more. It was so white, brilliant and beautiful. The infinite universe seemed less scary at that moment.

Circling energy through my body some of it naturally began to store in my belly. As it continued to build, if I focused my awareness on this I had the beautiful perception of being pregnant with this energy, I could see my stomach extended with a tantric conception. I knew this training would erase lines of the masculine and feminine but this was a welcomed surprise.

After my chackras opened I entered into a constant orgasmic state. Not a traditional build into a plateau the crests over into a climax. But rather along the lines of a great teaching i found in past studies: "in tantra if you are meeting a wall that you need to break through to reach orgasm you probably are trekking down the wrong path." Rather through your breathing guidance, making sure to pull through my root on inhale and allow excess tension to spill over on exhale my arousal would build naturally, eventually reaching a point that can only be described as a contrast orgasm.

Many times I lost awareness of exactly what they were doing with their hands. In the genital region most pleasure came from them manipulating my perineum, my root. The subtle genital stimulation was a nice addition. I don't think it distracted from the other work. I have found that when not taking the sacrament of cannabis genital stimulation distracts my pleasure center and results in a traditional orgasm. But when dancing to rhythms of THC I have a found that it can sometimes be the grain of rice that tips my arousal scales into full body orgasm. At this point the full mind blowing success of this technique has been rare.

Even from the early days of my massage work together with my tantric teacher the stimulation received from non-traditional erogenous zones was strong. But through practice my entire body has turned into an erogenous zone. This session proved this point ten fold. Some of the hot spots I noticed were: the chest, especially when massaged near the nerve epicenters around the nipples; the lower back: this area has always resonated in my root; hips and buttocks: we discussed my response to this and our excitement to explore this area more next.

When wrapping up I felt like an balloon filled with orgasmic energy rather than helium. My guide grounded me, but I was so inflated that I felt as though I was not tied to a wrist or post but rather began to float back up again, so I was very gracious when they brought me back down again.

Finally at the very end, when I slowly let my eyes flutter open, rather than just seeing the ceiling i saw only what i could describe as Indra's net. As far as I could see in each direction was a grid soft blue dots connected by an array of energy. Confirmation that I had really reached a new level in my training.

I'm so grateful for these experiences and lessons, as well as the ones they have shared with me at other sessions and just our conscious intersections. The teachings go beyond the lessons on the surface, I could fill entire other email with how they have been a such a beautiful addition to my awakening. I look forward to seeing them again and our next session.